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The Compassion Access Project is a mutual aid effort to increase access to medicinal herbs, self care items, and healthcare resources for people who hold historically marginalized identities. Our mission is to lift and prioritize community members by providing:

  • Access to high quality herbal medicine to support mental and physical health needs

  • Items and education to promote self care and mindful healing

  • Priority support for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, & Neurodivergent community members in Durham, NC and surrounding areas

We accomplish these goals through these efforts:
  • Community Self Serve Herb Stations:                      Several locations in the Durham, NC area with revolving inventory of medicinal herbs and self care items available for Pay What You Can         *all donations directly support future Herb Station supplies                                                                

  • Mobile Herb Station for Drag Performers serving the House of Coxx and guest performers


  • Compassion Access Project Pop Up Clinics in the NC Piedmont Region offering donation based medicinal herbs and free acu-earseeds for stress and resilience.          

The Compassion Access Project (originally Compassion Acupuncture Project) was founded by acupuncturist/herbalist Shea D Broussard in Durham, NC in April of 2019.

The Compassion Access Project is funded via community donations and project grants.  All purchases from The Compassion Apothecary will directly support the ongoing efforts of The Compassion Access Project.  Thank you so much for supporting a healthy community!

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The Compassion Access Project

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