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Beeswax Food Wrappers

This plastic free alternative is an excellent addition to any house, office or picnic!

Fabric coated in organic beeswax is an easy way to wrap sandwiches and snacks  and cover leftovers in bowls.  These items were made in-house by The Compassion Apothecary. 


Item: Roughly 12in x 12 in with some slight variations. Material patterns will vary.


How to Use:

1) Be sure to only wrap room temperature or cold items.  Heat will disrupt the beeswax seal.


2) The wrapper will stick to itself with the pressure and heat of your hands. In colder weather or with colder items, you may need to press and hold for a longer time.


3) Store only in cool spaces, ideally cooler than 85 degrees F


4) Wash with liquid detergent and brush or sponge in Cold Water Only!

Hot water will compromise the Bees Wax Food Wrappers ability to perform.


When cared for properly, Bees Wax Food Wrappers can be useful for 1-3 years!

They also smell wonderfully sweet from the organic beeswax.

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