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These are the amazing creators behind the hand crafted products found in The Compassion Apothecary Seasonal Five Element Care Boxes; check out their personal websites and IG for more amazing gifts from beautiful humans!

Eli and Tavia

Be Well House

Emily MacGregor

Elderflower Esthetics

Vanessa Hernandez

Ask the Trees

Chelsea Thoumsin

Pollinator Project

Emmett Anderson

Web Designer

Hannah Poppish


Bethany Bash

Bethany Bash Art

Loretha Johnson

Ms Mastic's Crystals

Lizzie Chadbourne

Lo & Behold Naturals


Lo & Behold Naturals

Chris McCauley

Soap Maker

Stephanie Tippett

NC Honey Jars

Kris Stephenson

Slow Burn

Meet the Makers

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