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Kismet Clear by

Moon Bliss Balms

Kismet Clear is a natural decongestant balm, with hydrating benefits for the skin. Created to promote easy breathing for children or adults.


Scent: earthy, woodsy, and fresh


Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Candelilla wax, Vitamin E oil, Fir needle E.O., Cedarwood Virginian E.O., Cypress E.O., Spearmint E.O., and, Rosalina E.O.


Safe for children 12 months and up, but always consult with your pediatrician. 

Use within 6-12 months of purchase, and store at room temperature.

Meet the Maker

Since my childhood in the woods of Vermont I’ve been creating from nature. What began as lotions and potions when I was five, is now, after twenty years in professional skincare, balms and salves that I have created to use while massaging hands and arms during my award-winning facials. I had a hard time finding the perfect blend of natural oils and butters in different products I tried, so I decided to start creating them myself.

The key ingredient in my balms is the highest quality Jojoba oil. Jojoba is the closest oil to our natural skin oils, so our skin easily drinks it up. Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, candiella wax, vitamin E oil, and a variety of the very best essential oils are all used in different combinations to create my Moon Bliss Balms.


Emily MacGregor is also the owner of Elderflower Esthetics located in Rutland Vermont, offering holistic herbal skincare treatments and products.

IG: @elderfloweresthetics

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