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Flower Press

by Slow Burn

These mini flower presses offer an authentic way to preserve flowers while also adding some decor to your home. Wood is a mix of poplar, white wood and pine and comes completed with bolts and wingnuts as well as a polyurethane stain. Each design is free handed and therefore unique and has not been replicated. 

Meet the Maker: Kris Stephenson

I am a local illustrator and flower grower who has been working with wood and pyrography since 2016. This past year I started a business called Slow Burn, as a way to intersect my woodburning and flower growing skills. I try to source as much wood as possible from local sawmills. All designs are freehand and inspired by flowers I’ve grown or come across through my growing experience. The intent of my work is to inspire those around me to connect with the flowers around them too. 

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