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NC Honey Jars

by The Honey Shack

This honey you’re getting today actually won a blue ribbon at the NC State Fair! It has not been treated with pesticides, is raw, unfiltered, and is locally harvested in Rougemont, NC. Since there is mostly forest around us, we assume the dark color means the bees harvested mostly from Tulip poplar trees, as they are everywhere. Our bees are never over harvested, that means that while some apiaries may harvest all of the honey from their bees, then make them rely on sugar water over the winter, we do the math and make sure our bees have enough of their own hard earned honey to keep them healthy all winter long. You’ll never want to go back to store bought honey if you taste local honey… so beware, but enjoy!!

Meet the Maker

Stephanie Tippett has always had an interest in nature, food, creating, fostering the planet, and growing things. As what seemed like a natural evolution to add to her ever growing farm, garden of both native plants and fruits/ vegetables, and a love of all the living things, she took an interest in honey bees. She spent many hours studying, and finally, the time came to get a hive of her own. Currently, she is up to 4 hives of her own, and a few hives placed at friends houses. There is no smaller batch of bees and honey, but they are thriving, happy, healthy, and improving the quality of blooms and crops in the 2 mile radius of their home. Mostly, Stephanie just loves sitting by the hives, or in the garden and watching her little bees do what they do. They are simply amazing!

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