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Honey Calendula Soap

These beautiful amber bars of soap are locally made in small batches in Durham, NC.  The local varieties of honey shift the golden tones in each batch.   Clean off the last of the humidity of Late Summer with this gorgeous, gently aromatic soap.



coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, pollinator project honey, 

calendula flowers grown by @bedheadfiber

Meet the Maker

Chris has been making soap for around ten years now. Four years ago, he joined forces with @pollinatorproject to whip up the most perfect natural honey soaps. no dyes or unnatural fragrances, ever! 

Chris also founded GetchuSomeGear and helps distribute professional coffee gear to systemically excluded hourly coffee workers in US and Canada.  Follow and support his work!

IG: @pollinatorproject

IG: @getchusomegear

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