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Pollinator Project

Wildflower Seed Packet

Spring is the season to begin putting seeds into the ground and intentions into motion. All of these flowers in this mix love the sun, so avoid too-shady areas. Easy to grow and maintain in all regions of the US of A. Seeds are non-GMO. Each packet contains approximately 100 seeds, enough to fill a couple small planters or a few square feet.

Types of flowers to expect from this seed mix:

Eschscholzia californica - California Poppy

Aster novae-angliae - New England Aster

Agastache foeniculum - Anise Hyssop

Linum perenne - Blue Flax

Monarda fistulosa - Bergamot


For a full current list, contact us at

Meet the Maker

Chelsea Thoumsin is a beekeeper and coffee professional who likes to find bees wherever she goes. She has been beekeeping for seven years and has been in coffee for over twice as long.


Chelsea began Pollinator Project in 2015 when about seven-too-many friends asked how they could help bees without keeping them for themselves.The answer? Plant flowers!


This seed mix is designed to feed pollinators year-round. Each year, Pollinator Project donates a portion of net proceeds to one local environmental/social cause and to one invertebrate conservation organization.


To learn more, follow us on Instagram @pollinatorproject.

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