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Chamomile: Matricaria recutita, Huang Chu Ju


The sweetest, tiny flowers of chamomile offer such an array of wonderful gifts. 

With a soft yet lasting aroma, most people are drawn to the calming, centering effects of chamomile.  Gentle enough for children, medicinally it offers digestive and respiratory soothing, plus topical skin benefits.  The flowers are also edible! Every body deserves the sweet gentle nature of Chamomile.


Suggested Uses:


~ Steep into hot tea for calming, soothing properties; aids digestion and sleep

~ Soak washcloth in chamomile tea and freeze for baby teething cloth

~ Add to salads or use to decorate desserts

~ Freeze into ice cubes for beautiful drinks

~ Add to homemade skin products

~ Use tea on cloth as cold compress for eyes

~ Add to herbal bath for aromatic, digestive and skin soothing properties

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