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Earth Element Gift Box
  • Earth Element Gift Box

Earth Element Gift Box


In Five Element Theory in East Asian Medicine, Late Summer is the season of Earth. Unlike other seasons that are marked by a solstice or equinox, Late Summer is the transition between the height of Yang in the summer to the shift towards Yin with the coming of Fall.


The Earth Box Includes:


~A jar of NC honey from The Honey Shack

~Honey Calendula Soap from Chris McCauley

~Watercolor and Ink Art Magnetby Bethany Bash Art

~Flower Press by Slow Burn

~Organic Calendula Flowers

~Calendula Flower Tincture

~Beeswax Food Wrappers


The items in the Earth Element Box encourage simple pleasure, moving slow like honey in the light, and acknowledging what makes you happy.

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