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Immunity Broth Booster & Spoon
  • Immunity Broth Booster & Spoon

Immunity Broth Booster & Spoon


The best way to embrace food as medicine in a home kitchen apothecary is to begin with soups and stocks.  This Super Soup Mix crafted by acupuncturist Brandy Lynn of The Silver Fern in Cookeville, TN includes medicinal herbs that not only add immune boosting properties to your stocks, it tastes delicious!  This herbal formula includes Red Reishi Mushroom, which is a king immunity herb in East Asian Medicine.

 This sweet bundle also comes with a beautiful handmade spoon carved from local upcycled maple and cherry wood crafted by Vanessa Hernandez of Ask The Trees in Durham, NC.  There’s an included Care Card for your spoon and organic cotton steeping bag for your Super Soup Mix.  

Enrich the flavors of your soup by adding our Savory Seasoning Blend to your bundle, and follow your meal with a cup of Lavender, Chamomile, Spearmint Tea.  You can also add a second spoon for sharing with a friend!


Savory Seasoning Blend Add On: $5

Compassion Apothecary Tea Add On: $5

Second Wooden Spoon Add On: $10


Super Soup Mix Instructions:

Add ingredients to crockpot.  You can put the ingredients in the cotton bag to omit the need to strain.  The only tasty ingredients you may want to eat directly are the jujubes and goji berries; the rest of the roots will not be palatable.  If you are adding bones, remember to include Apple Cider Vinegar for pulling the marrow.


Bring to a boil and allow to cook and med high temp for desired amount of time, then reduce to lower temps until desired texture and taste.  Cook times can vary dramatically from 1-3 hours to 24-48 hour stocks.


You can then drink a cup of your stock daily for immune support &/or use it as a base for soups and grains.  Enjoy!


Super Soup Ingredients:

~ Astagalus Root/ Huang Qi

~ Jujube Fruit/ Da Zao

~ Goji Berries/ Gou Ji Zi

~ Longan Fruit / Long Yan Rou

~ Chinese Yam/ Shan Yao

~ Red Reishi/ Ling Zhi

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