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Pine and Rose Duo
  • Pine and Rose Duo

Pine and Rose Duo


We consider Rose and Pine to be a perfectly complementary pair offering both a floral sensuousness and the grounding and protection of the forest.


This bundle includes Compassion Apothecary Rose Tincture which can be taken internally for heart support or misted across a crafted cocktail or fresh squeezed lemonade for an aromatic lift.  Rose has the gift of being both nostalgic and commanding present attention.


The Loblolly Pine Hydrosol was handmade in Durham, North Carolina using a beautiful copper still and long hours of loving attention; This small batch hydrosol can be spritzed on the face as a toner, under arms and other creases as a deodorant, as a room spray to consciously clear a space,  and to incorporate into protection rituals.  Loblolly Pine has an lightearthy aroma which is less resinous than long leaf pine.  The soft scent makes it a good option for those sensitive to strong or long lasting smells.


Expand your care by adding Rose Petals for a bath or room adornment.  Enrich your face care by prefacing your Loblolly Hydrosol as a face toner with a Rose Clay Face Mask from Lo & Behold Naturals; each mask packet contains multiple mask applications.  Finish your body care ritual with a cup of Rose, Lemon Balm, Calendula, & Tangerine Peel Tea curated by Compassion Apothecary.


Rose Petal Add On: $5

Rose Clay Face Mask Add On: $10

Compassion Apothecary Tea Add On: $5 

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