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Meet Shea

Shea D Broussard is a gender fluid neurodivergent acupuncturist and herbalist from Durham, NC. Their passion for nature and East Asian medicine seamlessly led to medicine making.  Tinctures became a favorite preparation due to the convenient method of daily herbal medicinal use, flexible dosaging, long shelf life, and easy capacity to share with community.

Shea is also the founder of The Compassion Access Project (2019); all purchases from The Compassion Apothecary directly support the efforts of CAP to increase access of medicinal herbs and self care items to folks who hold historically marginalized identities.

Shea loves living with their life partner in a log cabin with two adorable dogs and a cat; they spend their time playing in the garden, hiking, foraging, daydreaming, adorning their body with tattoos, watching the light play with shadows, tending to carnivorous plants, and helplessly loving sweet community and Framily.

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