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Image by Marcel Strauß

Inside Your Fire Element Gift Box

In Five Element Theory in East Asian Medicine, Summer is the season of Fire. We are graced with long days and an ever reaching upward from all living things. This is the season of growth. 


The Fire element belongs to the Heart, so now is the time to feel your passion, embrace life, to savor the things you love.


Red is the color for Fire and Summer in Five Element Theory, and the Fire Element Gift Box will highlight Rose: the flower so often associated with love and desire.


The items in the Fire Element Box encourage sweet, romantic moments with your body and heart.

For every Gift Box purchased, 5% of proceeds are donated to the mutual aid efforts of The Compassion Access Project who makes medicinal herbs available to historically marginalized communities emphasizing support for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Neurodivergent humans.

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