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Inside Your Earth Care Box

In Five Element Theory in East Asian Medicine, Late Summer is the season of Earth. Unlike other seasons that are marked by a solstice or equinox, Late Summer is the transition between the height of Yang in the summer to the shift towards Yin with the coming of Fall.


This point of transit can also be recognized in the 15 days surrounding each equinox and solstice throughout the year; as the moon and seasons shift phases, so does everything return to the middle, the Earth Element.


The Earth Element belongs to the Spleen and Stomach organs; the theme is Abundance, the full table of Late Summer.  It’s about finding simple joys, about playfulness, and daydreaming.  It’s a time to Take Stock of what brings you happiness and ease.  It’s an emotional pause before the clearing out that comes in Autumn.


Yellow is the color for Earth and Late Summer in Five Element Theory; the Earth Element Gift Box will highlight Calendula: a bright sunny flower with flexibility in it’s helpfulness from tincture, tea, baths, and food!


The items in the Earth Element Box encourage simple pleasure, moving slow like honey in the light, and acknowledging what makes you happy.

For every Gift Box purchased, 5% of proceeds are donated to the mutual aid efforts of The Compassion Access Project who makes medicinal herbs available to historically marginalized communities emphasizing support for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Neurodivergent humans.

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