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The Compassion Apothecary tincture line offers small batch, hand made single herbs extracts.  Our herbs are acquired from farmers using sustainable and/or organic growing practices or are consciously wild foraged. The chosen plants for The Compassion Apothecary tinctures all offer mood stabilizing and adaptogenic properties.
We believe that integrating plant medicine into our daily lives offers gentle yet effective results.  Using single herb extracts allows the unique experience of exploring somatic relationships with individual plants; with this ongoing acquired knowledge, one can further learn to pick herbal tea blends and other herbal formulations best suited for every body.
For every tincture purchased from The Compassion Apothecary, someone in need receives a free tincture via The Compassion Access Project.  

If you are new to exploring herbal medicine, or you simply need to restock your supplies, the Home Apothecary Bundle is a great way to create a new daily ritual with instant flexibility and options.  All these plants offer some kind of mood support or emotional balance along with other medicinal properties.


Add these tinctures to water or other beverages daily for best effect. Medicinal and dosage information is available on each label.

** Please note: Each tincture may not be suitable for every person.  Please read individual descriptions and cautions before use. Tinctures included in each bundle are subject to change based on season and availability.  Please read line descriptions for ongoing updates.

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