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Gifts and Bundles

The Compassion Apothecary is built on the premise that the choice to care for ourselves and show generosity to another human results in a stronger, healthier community.  To bring this truth into action, 5% of proceeds from every purchase is donated to our paired mutual aid, The Compassion Access Project, that increases access to medicinal herbs to community members who hold historically marginalized identities in the Durham, NC area. 


We hope to encourage giving gifts with purpose and meaning~


These items have been carefully chosen for easy integration into any Home Kitchen Apothecary; All these products are also creative functional gift ideas for loved ones.  We have hand selected some favorite items from local makers in addition to our in house Compassion Apothecary offerings.  It is our pleasure to uplift these wonderfully talented humans, so please be sure to check out the Meet The Makers page. 


Thank you for practicing conscious spending and supporting our mission.   

Every body deserves care; you are loved!

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