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Meet the Maker

Vanessa is a self-taught spoon carver and has been working on their skills for over 7 years. She stumbled upon the art of spoon carving on a whim while scrolling through Instagram and was instantly enthralled and inspired. 

Spoon carving became the perfect extension of their already deep love for and appreciation of the natural world. 

When they're not carving you can find Vanessa reorganizing their many houseplants, dreaming and scheming in the the garden, and exploring the natural world with their kiddo.

IG: ask_the_trees

Hand Carved Spoons by Ask the Trees

"Ask the Trees aims to marry beauty with practicality and to remind us of our intimate connection to trees. Each piece is meant to be used and loved and with the proper care can last a lifetime."


The wood for these hand carved spoons is a mix of cherry and maple, and each one measures roughly 5 inches long. The wood was locally and sustainably sourced; The maple wood was sourced from a firewood pile and the cherry from a tree in a neighbor’s yard in Durham, NC.


Incorporating wooden utensils into our daily practices is a simply, beautiful way to highlight the element of Spring season.  You can both elevate and ground your drink and food rituals with a hand made wooden spoon.

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