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Meet the Makers

L.E. McDougald aka Eli (they/them),  everylifeintwined, is an alchemist, herbalist, chef, body worker, artist and educator rooted in Durham, NC. They are your local friendly hermit creative type of being. They love making plant-based products that celebrate the world around them and further sharing that magical energy with those they encounter. A few phrases that encapsulate who they are include: lead with honesty and truth, strategic process designer, transmuter, pattern observer, creative problem solver, holder of transformative space, multi-dimensional communicator, water protector, earth steward, multi-generational interdisciplinary educator, herbalism, community connector, lean into ease, chemistry nerd, kitchen herbalism, creative thinker, live life outside the box, implementation and actualization of ideas, co-creator of heart centered realities.

IG: @everylifeintwined

Tavia Benjamin is a vibrational healer, energy worker, and intuitive spiritual facilitator. Their guiding mission is to reconnect people to themselves and their sovereignty, to one another, and to earth through ritual, creative space-making, and removing obstacles to connection. They are guided by their values of love, adaptability, healing, and service to themself and all living beings on the Earth. Tavia have worked in the issue areas of food sovereignty, land liberation, environmental justice, and transcending trauma, especially in Afro-Diasporic communities. Tavia stays focused on embodying liberation and creating liberated spaces for people, especially BIPOC communities, to reconnect to their divinity and sovereignty to create sustainable, holistic systems change. Figuring out how communities can heal and be their whole selves is what motivates and excites Tavia about working towards a more beautiful and loving world.

IG: @Blacknherby

Loblolly Pine Hydrosol

Hydrosols are herbal distillates; This beautiful alchemical mist is created via the intentional process of conscious foraging and hours of steam distillation resulting in an aromatic, skin safe herbal infused water potion.

The Loblolly Pine, the soothing giant, supports cleansing and gaining clarity as we move into Spring. 

Loblolly Pine connects with yang masculine energy that embodies the movement of smooth swaying, helping us see above, around and through.

This hydrosol can be used as a personal scent, toner, deodorant, and for pain relief on achy joints. 

Intended for for external use.  Best stored in refrigerator for prolonged use, but not necessary.

Foraged and crafted in Durham, NC by Eli McDouglas and Tavia Benjamin of the Be Well House.

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