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Rose Petals
  • Rose Petals
  • Rose Petals

Rose Petals


Rose: Rosa Centifolia, Mei Gua Hua


Oh Rose~ we will never tire of your beauty.  The nostalgic aroma of rose takes over the senses in the best of ways.  Rose opens the opportunity for self love; it’s no wonder roses have been incorporated into love rituals.  Incorporating rose into your household and medicine cabinet is a heart changer that invites balance and softness. Everyone deserves roses.


Suggested Uses:


~ Hot or cold infuse tea: pairs well with citrus peels and honey

~ Vinegar infusion for vinaigrette salad dressing

~ Warm infuse into coconut milk for desserts

~ Infuse into simple syrup for rose sodas

~ Add to herbal bath for aromatic and skin soothing properties

~ Add to sugar and salt scrubs

~ Place a bundle near the bed pillows for calming the heart at night


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