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Organic Calendula Flowers

Calendula officinalis 

Jin Zheng Ju


Dried Flower Uses:

1) Steeped Tea:  One tablespoon of dried flowers to one cup of water

Leave on the green bottoms of the flowers for medicinal purposes.

Calendula tea is excellent for reducing digestive inflammation and upset, soothing swollen lymph nodes, and lifts the mood.

* Not recommended for internal use in pregnancy


2) Edible Ideas:

Simmer whole dried flowers into soups and stews in the colder months for immune boosting properties. You can also remove the green bottoms and sprinkle the yellow ray florets on salads or to beautify any dish!

* Not recommended for internal use in pregnancy


3) Flower Bath:

Add calendula flowers to any bath for its capacity to heal wounds and bring joy.

Use strong infusion for sitz bath to help heal postpartum perineal tears and reduce swelling and inflammation.

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